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Balance and Flow

Balance your mind, body and spirit, … life will flow better. Mindfulness, meditation and being in the moment calms the mind and gives us an inner strength that is often unshakable.

Create in the Here and Now

By living in the present moment we stop making excuses that sometime in the ‘future’ we will make that call, be happier, make amends, release a bad habit, lose weight, or live the life of our dreams. The present moment is the only moment available to us to live fully — one step and breath at a time.


Self-acceptance or self-love, when approached from a spiritual level, is not superficial or conceit. Self-love is an honoring of our life-force by loving ourselves unconditionally no matter what flaws or traits or challenges we may have. We can still do inner work from a place of self-acceptance, and realize we can, as the following quote reminds us: You are allowed to be a masterpiece and work in progress simultaneously. - Sophia Bush We are all unique sacred expressions of Creation. How beautiful is that?

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Enjoy our inspirational and humorous wacky critters mugs, inspirational quotes on canvas, and Fair Trade candles handcrafted by artisans  from villages around the world.

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