Healing the World

With the recent events transpriring in the USA and around the world the following excerpt is enlightening:

"I do not wish to continue to be part of the problem. I want to make a difference. I want to face the fear of my own light. I believe the world can change but we need a revolution. Not another war but a revolution in the way we think and act. A revolution on an individual basis: one by one. A revolution by evolution. We are at a tipping point in the history of our existence. We need a totally new slant and the responsibilities we all have to our fragile planet. We need leadership that understands the concept of higher consciousness and accepts that our earth is just one big organism and that nothing happens in isolation. We need leaders that accept the existence of a greater intelligence that created and maintains life. We need leaders that are compassionate, able to operate from the heart, yet able to accept there are natural consequences from actions and that natural process must be respected." - Conscious Leadership: Beyond Perception and Belief by Rod A. Macpherson

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