Saving the World

The world spins on it's own axis

The moon and stars slip silently

Across an unmarked sky

Galaxies forming the very space

Which they inhabit.

Clouds cry

And rivers run to the sea

And the Lilly awakens from it's slumber

In answer to some unseen alarm clock.

And man can stand amidst this wonder

And not be overcome in awe

Of it's self perpetuating perfection

And not be humbled by it's secret knowingness

His arrogance revealed

In harmony that he can only mimic

Beauty that he an only surrender to

Wisdom that he can only dream of

The world does need saving

This is what the own has been preaching

This is why the Earth shakes'

The smug smiles from our faces

Why the ocean swallows our homes

And stakes it's own claim.

A thousand miracles a second

Are happening inside your body

And you have nothing at all to do with it

Let it be

For God's sake, let it be.

- Phil Beaumont

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